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Beginners Guide to Vermicomposting

Here’s your chance to learn about  Vermicomposting: transforming your kitchen waste into rich organic compost aka “black gold” with a little help from red wriggler worms. This video demonstrates just how simple it is to get started and maintain a mess-free, smell-free composting bin with your children.




Ask a Virologist

Infectious disease expert Dr. Rachael Hardison answers children’s questions about the coronavirus outbreak. This Live Q & A was organized by Smore Magazine. Sign up for our email list to attend future LIVE webinars.




Ask an Entomologist

Dr. Susan Finkbeiner (entomologist) and Dr. Darli Massardo (evolutionary biologist talking about their research with butterflies as part of the Kronforst Research Lab




Ask a Marine Biologist

Conversations, crafts and LOTS of SHARK questions with marine biologist Melissa Marquez



Ask an Astronomer

Listen to Dr. Levesque talk about stars including our very own sun and answer all the star-studded questions from kids.

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